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For over 40 years, Perception Kayaks has introduced more people to paddling than probably any other kayak maker. Few paddlers have failed to be touched by the Perception name.

Perception Kayaks has everything from versatile and fun sit-on kayaks, to user friendly recreation kayaks, to sleek tourers and technical sea kayaks. So whether it's spending time with the family, going on the adventure of a lifetime or simply adding some excitement to your exercise routine, Perception Kayaks has the right kayak for your lifestyle.

The Perception Kayaks you see throughout Europe are made in Sussex, England and proudly carry the Union Jack.



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Travelling the globe searching for new drops, new waves, and new experiences! For Wave Sport and their extended family of customers, kayaking isn't just a destination. It's about the journey

If you live white-water kayaking…eat, sleep and breathe it, then Wave Sport is for you. 

Wave Sport’s R&D team push the parameters to bring you the best performing kayaks on the planet….and always manage to have some fun along the way. 

From freestyle to creeking, Wave Sport puts the tools in your hands (and under your butt) to go out there on your own journey and take control.



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Adventure Technology is a leader in ergonomic design and functionality and delivers exceptional quality to support a lifetime of paddling

Adventure Technology (AT) makes revolutionary paddles for whitewater, touring and fishing. Utilising excellent construction, materials and ergonomic design, our incredible paddles are sought after by expert paddlers and those who know excellence when they hold it in their hands.




Paddling adventures require kit you can trust and your paddle is a vital part of the mix. OrigiNZ have been making paddles for over 30 years and their reliable construction provides the durability and performance that paddlers demand.

The OrigiNZ range of paddles offer value whether your planning a multi-day expedition or just wanting to play on the beach...